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What Happens When You Belong

Two words have massively altered my life “I Belong.” Sounds simple, but for someone like me whose biggest barrier to connecting with those around me and mustering up the courage to go and do what I am passionate about is a deep sense of being too different to fit in, believing fully that I belong is HUGE.

It wasn’t until recently that I saw how my sense of not belonging was truly everywhere in my life and in some incredibly subtle and unconscious ways. For me, the lie of “I don’t belong” comes from my early years of living with a single mom and moving around to new towns and new schools and always feeling like the newcomer, the outsider, the temporary joiner.

At some level, I believe we all experience some version of “I don’t belong here.” What’s the difference between living your life in a constant state of “I don’t belong” compared to living every day from “I belong”? It can make the difference between a life of isolation, loneliness, self-loathing, fear, judgment and scarcity to one of ease, joy, and anticipation, loving connection, abundance and flow. I know. Because for me the shift I’ve experienced in my life is deep and true.

I Belong looks like feeling totally at ease and comfortable no matter what anyone is saying around you or about you. When you are grounded in a deep knowing that you belong right where you are, when you know without a doubt that you have a divine purpose in their world and a reason for being here and that you deserve every opportunity and every adventure and every moment to be fully alive, then you are unmessable when it comes to the opinions of others. In a nutshell, you stop valuing yourself based on external circumstances Your self worth comes from within. I noticed that when I shifted this, I actually perceived what people were saying as interesting opinions that they had, and that I didn’t necessarily need to agree with, instead of hearing what they said as disrespectful or critical and something I needed to defend myself against. For me this was BIG.

I belong looks like doing what you have the impulse to do without hesitation. I belong looks like doing what you love for the simple joy of doing it and doing it without a concern for looking good and all that artificial cover that takes so much energy to maintain. I belong looks like being exactly who you are without reservation.

I belong looks like being excited to try new things because you don’t have to win or lose or worry about failing, you’re just experiencing, which is your divine right, just because you’re here right now living.

I belong looks like exquisite tolerance, compassion and patience with other people. It looks like being more of a support for others than needing support – AND being completely unashamed to ask for help when you really do need it.

I belong looks like singing at the top of your lungs for the sheer joy of it. Or dancing in a way that feels damn good and makes your heart sing.

I belong looks like true generosity.

I belong is the only way to get from where you are to right here where life is happening and love is waiting.

What else does living your life from “I belong” look like? Share with me by submitting a comment.




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