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The Step Most Missed in Manifesting: Action!

I love to manifest my desires. One major catalyst for seeing my visions become reality, and I would say this is a critical step missed by most people, is conscious action. Action often starts in the realm of thought, but at some point, in order for a dream or desire to get beyond wishful thinking, it has to start being shared with others.

Often we hide our dreams and desires from the world, carefully honing and re-imaging what we want in the world of our own thoughts. While the human imagination is certainly one of the most powerful and beautiful forces on this planet, it’s also the place where amazing dreams can get stuck in a perpetual purgatory. I have found no other way for experiencing dreams coming to life than in the sharing of them with other human beings.

Very simply, this starts with getting over perfection and the fear of rejection by putting your intentions, desires, dreams and visions into the realm of community. Often the first place this starts is by sharing through language your passions with a trusted friend. Just the simple act of declaring creates momentum. The passion gains energy through the awareness and even feedback of others.

When you begin speaking your predominant beliefs in what you will have happen – and you truly believe that your desire is right there – as if it’s already happened – you’ll notice that you words either create the desire or block the desire. If you hear yourself mostly complaining about not having what it is that you want, or comparing yourself to others who already have what you desire, this is a signal that you are blocking what it is that you want to manifest.

If you hear yourself speaking to those around you about how much you are enjoying creating what it is you want to manifest, or are encouraged by milestones that you’ve achieved or describing yourself as the self you want to be, you’ll know you are gaining energy towards being and having what you want.

It’s a very natural process for your speaking about your intended desire to be compelled into actions. Sometimes the actions start small, but eventually they become an avalanche of activity that often sparks openings and invitations from those around you that you never expected. This is where the power of universe begins to take over and support you in seeing in real life experience, your dreams come true.

I’ve done this over and over again in my life and experienced results that I can only describe as miracles. When I was just starting out after graduation from college, I had a piece of paper that said I was a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. I had quickly abandoned my original intention of turning that into a law degree. A persistent voice inside me kept saying “I’m a writer. I’m a writer. I have to write!” I just knew that I was writer and that I was a damn good one. From that simple, clear, unwavering belief in myself, I told everyone I knew “I’m a writer.” And I walked myself into a newspaper newsroom with writing samples from my college days, and through sheer persistence, over the course of a few years, I became an award-winning, front page writer for a top news organization. Literally my thoughts became words and my words became actions. My actions created a life that I loved!

And when I left the news business I didn’t stop being a writer. Right now I’m writing to you!

Look for places in your life where your words and actions match your desires. Look for where they don’t. Look for where you inspire yourself and look for where you take yourself out with self doubt and fear.

For example, if you’ve always known you are a writer, do you tell people that you’re a writer when they ask about who you are, what’s been going on in your life and what you’re up to?

Do you have a daily journaling practice? If you’re ready to share your writing with others, do you have a blog or email list? Do you hear yourself talking with friends and family about the topics you’re writing about or want to write about? Or do you keep this dream inside your own head and just imagine what it would be like someday?

The key is to start. Even if you start small, like writing in a journal, it’s a start. The breaking of the ice from thought to speech will lead you to action. Private action becomes public action as momentum builds and you being to identify yourself with what before were simply unfulfilled wishes.

So go out and speak and do! Be willing to be messy. Be willing to be rejected. But don’t be willing to be stopped. Be in Action!


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