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The Healing Power of Connection

Think about when you feel the deepest sense of peace, ease and relaxation. Can you recall a time when you felt a warm softness wash over you and the energy of love begin to pour out, like a cup overflowing? I am willing to bet that your experience involved connecting with another human being. Maybe it was a few kind words, or an encouraging touch or unexpected smile.

When we overcome our fear of rejection and allow ourselves, flaws & all, to be seen by another, it’s called vulnerability. And in our vulnerability lies a tremendous gift, a gift that lights up the human spirit universally: Connection.

Unfortunately, it sometimes take a tragedy like the recent flood in Boulder and the shooting in Washington D.C., both events that impacted my immediate family directly, to tear away our defenses. On the bright side, what often emerges in the midst of common pain and suffering is connection. We overcome out of necessity our discomfort with asking for and receiving help, or offering it up. And it’s in those moments that we have the opportunity to experience the power of connection.

So often we hear that to healing cannot happen in our heads, alone with a self-help book or a video. And yet, sometimes it takes a disaster to literally push us into the arms of another human being.

My hope is that we can all carry this experience with us, not just for a few days or weeks, but into the rest of our lives. There is such healing here, in our vulnerability, where strength is found in the coming together.

Today I encourage you to courageously step outside of your normal safe zone, even if it’s simply to smile at a stranger, and connect with another human being. For the gift of self is the greatest gift we can give.

See you on your mat!

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