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Speak Yourself & Others Into Greatness

I don’t know if it was laying flat on my back with the flu for four days or what, but now that I’m up and around I am so fired up and grateful to be alive and thriving today! I feel feisty! (It could be all the motivational videos I watched when I was feeling so ill I couldn’t get up out of bed…)

I am fascinated by people who inspire, the kind of people who are so gifted that they light up people by the thousands. I am curious about them because lighting up people lights me up too. Something powerful I’ve noticed in great speakers and leaders is that when they speak the truth I know it’s the truth because it’s simple and universal, AND they speak as if they were speaking right into me and what they say always speaks to a higher aspect of myself.

In other words, when someone else, with great confidence and surety speaks to me about how infinitely creative I am and reminds me that I have everything I’ll ever need right inside me to do great things, I naturally rise right up to the words and begin believing in an expanded version of myself. I have the courage to be in action where before I was in self-doubt.

I often see this in yoga class with students. There you are in what you’ve just created as your best version of a pose and I simply say “sink deeper” or “reach higher” or “find your edge” and the entire room of bodies deepens by inches, maybe even feet: everyone had 20% more in them that they were holding back! And when I’m really lit up and animated and bellow out “You are an amazing, infinite being, amaze yourself! Use your breath: Ujayi, victory of the spirit over the mind! You’re a victor not a victim!” or something of that nature, you rise up off that floor and meet the occasion valiantly. It’s awesome to see.

Imagine what would happen if we spoke to all of the people in our daily lives as if we were talking to their highest, best self. What if, because we simply assumed that they were capable of greatness, innovation, creativity, courage and miracle making, that they started assuming that about themselves. Like it’s not even debatable, it’s simply what’s so. When we expect the people around us to show up as amazing, the miraculous thing is, they do. Sometimes it’s a slow process. Sometimes the light goes on instantly. That’s just a matter of how deep-seated the person’s resistance (read: pain) inside is.

I sometimes see new students look at me with incredulity when I call for certain poses, especially the second set of a particularly challenging pose, like crow, or leapfrogs. I sometimes find myself worrying for a moment that they might be hating me (they probably are in that moment and that’s so ok!) and might be too scared to come back to class. But I always, always come back to remembering how powerful and amazing it feels to me when I’ve had a teacher or friend or colleague who simply and calmly expected me to reach the bar they’d set so high. The amazement I’ve had when I did reach it, or even exceed it was one of the most delicious feelings there is.

What would your life be like if you heard continuously every where you went that you are amazing, you are infinite, you have all you need to create whatever you desire, you are whole, you are beautiful, you are made of starts and light! Well, it’s true! And it’s so powerful to hear another speak it. So I will keep standing for you, encouraging you and above all setting the bar high for you so that you may come to know your own greatness. Perhaps you too will share this gift of inspiration with someone in your life today too.

See you on your mat!


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