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Rekindle Your Inner Rebel for Amazing Results

I know that when I’m feeling stuck and uninspired and my answer to most creative ideas is “no, that won’t work because…” that my inner rebel is on sleep mode. When I’ve got a fire in my soul it feels so free and I am able to see and believe in, and most importantly, put into action all sorts of wonderful off the hook ideas and dreams.

Here’s my most powerful tool for re-kindling that inner rebelliousness and substantially shifting your perspective so you can open up new worlds of action towards what you really want to have happen in your life: Disrupt Business as Usual (thank you Baron Baptiste for the coaching!).

In the course of our very human lives we tend to drift along in our days  – sometimes allowing things to happen and sometimes fighting against what’s happening. But rarely do we come from a place of powerfully creating what we want by disrupting the flow. The very definition of leader is someone who causes things to happen that wouldn’t have happened in the normal drift or trajectory of life.

Tap into your inner rebel, that scrappy under dog who loves to rise to the challenge of taking on the world, shaking things up, making people think and you will soon find that you will send ripples through your community that wake people up and inspire them to join you.

Simply ask yourself: “How can I disrupt business as usual?” Apply the question to all the old tired patterns and beliefs in your life from romantic relationships to family and friends, workplace, community service, even your vacation plans for the year.

At my yoga studio, Radiance Power Yoga, we’re constantly looking for ways to bring yoga to new people and spark a fire in existing yogis that has them experience yoga in a whole new way. There are so many stereotypes about who yogis are and even who yoga teachers and yoga studios “should be” or “are.” We are about breaking out of those old ways to grow and expand the practice of yoga in the West.

And I’ve certainly found that I get lit up, energized and excited every time I let my inner rebel out and give her permission to experiment and play with new, sometimes wildly “out there” ideas and actions.

So get out there and start disrupting!


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