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Praise for Marsha Yoga

“The 40 Days to Personal Revolution at Radiance in Boulder, CO was a truly incredible experience for me. I signed up thinking it would be great to challenge myself to do yoga for 40 days straight and got much more out of it…so much more than I was even expecting! Marsha, Scott, and the teachers at Radiance have created a wonderful, supportive, passionate and energetic community  – whether you are a first time or seasoned yogi. I highly recommend the 40 Days program for anyone wanting to revitalize their life! If you are looking to get out of old patterns, create new patterns, look inward, focus on balance in your life, join a supportive community, focus on your heath, get motivation, or simply to do yoga for 40 Days this program can be life changing!” – Heather 

“Being new to yoga, I was skeptical about participating in the 40 days program.  If you are questioning it, I say do it. Aside from getting toned and feeling strong, I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to look inward and have a chance to reflect and start living the authentic life I want to live!  I’m also thankful for the wonderful people I met and shared it with.  Thank you, Marsha for this life changing experience!” – Michelle

I always had an interest in yoga but never took much time to practice the art. Radiance has provided me with a gateway and currently going through a break up yoga is the best calming practice! I feel a state of simply… Bliss. I absolutely enjoy the atmosphere Radiance Yoga studio in Boulder provides and the influence of their instructors! :+) – Vanessa

The ten weeks that I spent with fellow teacher trainers and the faculty will be invaluable for the impact the experience had on my life. I found a love for myself, for others, for this planet, and for yoga that I never would have found without this training. – Kristen

“I attended Marsha’s noon power hour class and loved it! I love the way you teach and I love that I was able to practice pose variations and she helped me into the correct posture for them. It was very nice to not have to follow the class exactly and have the freedom of expression! I also like the way she vocalizes her self. You will be seeing me again! Very inspiring lady : )” – Jenny

“I really love Marsha as a teacher, and think she is one of the best in Boulder!” – Dan

I love the challenge and Marsha’s repetition about how we are all awesome and lovable…that is such a great theme to carry through the class and into life.” – Alexandra

“I’ve been in multiple car accidents and have been in pain so bad it hurts to breathe. Out of money for physical therapy, I played around with yoga studios, but still came out in pain. Shallow breaths were the norm for me, until I took a class with Marsha. For the first time in over year..after my class with them I was finally breathing DEEPLY. I could actually count past “two” while breathing! Hot yoga is exactly what my body needed to relax my muscles which have built up so much scar tissue. Now I come out of every class feeling sore, but in terms feeling like I got a really good massage. It’s a good sore! Not painful. I’m so thankful for this hot yoga studio.” – Anonymous

Radiance Power Yoga is not just a yoga studio, is a sacred space… It is like therapy and spa altogether, plus a workout. All the teachers there heal you not only through yoga but also through words of wisdom. Baptiste power yoga can be difficult at first, but after a while you’ll feel stronger than ever before… I genuinely love this place. Highly recommend it!!! – Augustina

Boulder has a LOT of yoga studios to be sure. Pretty much everyone with a pulse practices in this town. I’ve been coming to the mat for almost 10 years now, and have found a home at Radiance with the amazing staff they have there. They present the practice in uncomplicated terms, with no hype or gimmick, and you leave every session dripping with hard work and a smile on your heart. If they had a life membership, I’d sign up for it! – Keith


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