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How Courageous Vulnerability Can Open the Path to Your Passions

You have a purpose inside you that wants to see the light of day. You may know exactly what it is, or you may be struggling to get clear on what it is, but one thing I will assure you is true: It’s in there. And until you are willing to be courageously vulnerable and share it with other people, you will inevitably feel restless, stuck, frustrated, empty, bored, unappreciated, defensive, irritable, jealous…need I go on?

Your purpose doesn’t have to be grandiose. As a matter of fact, the simpler, clearer and more heartfelt your desire, the closer I’ll bet you are to the truth of the matter. Almost always, authentic purpose lives in the realm of service to others. And it doesn’t have to be service to other people. Your passion may be serving animals, forests, waterways, beauty. But your purpose does come to life outside of you. It’s not about becoming rich and famous for wealth and notoriety’s sake. Although, abundance and recognition do tend to follow naturally those endeavors rooted in your heart that become acts of generosity and kindness. Your purpose comes to life, and in turn, lights you up, when you share your vision publically.

Synchronistically, as I am sitting here in the airport writing this blog post for you, someone – an airline passenger or flight attendant – just started singing “Heaven Is a Place On Earth” over the loud speaker. Everyone in my seating area just applauded. Not sure what it was all about, but someone just got courageously vulnerable and made a whole bunch of weary travelers smile.

Don’t worry if you’re not yet living days filled with purposeful action and you wouldn’t characterize yourself as joy in motion. Sometimes irritation, frustration and depression can be guides, signs that a deeper birthing is welling up within you. I consider it a good sign to simply be aware that the status quo is no longer feeding me in the way I need.

I always know I’m on the brink of birthing a new pathway for expression of my heart’s desires when I find that I start getting cranky, snippy, complain and compare myself to those who seem to be living their dream. I find that I often will be tempted to check out, indulge myself in unhealthy behaviors and self-sabotage right when I’m on the brink of a big breakthrough. I’m pretty sure this comes from the fear of shining big. I get scared, just like I bet you do, that my creations or initiatives will be met with the scorn and ridicule of haters, or worse, won’t be noticed at all.

But what I know from my yoga practice is that the only way out of despair and the day to day hell of simply surviving endless to-do lists, is right through the fire to the other side. I recently swallowed my pride and fear and called a close friend to invite her to join a new mastermind group of women in creating my next venture. I got sick and tired of feeling like I had to go it alone and that I was the only support for myself. We had an invigorating talk and it turns out she feels just like I do. We agreed to set up weekly Skype calls. Since then, I’ve felt so empowered, so light, so hopeful.

Who can you share your vision with today? Who can you invite to join you in making your passions public? How can you get courageously vulnerable in the name of becoming joy in motion?


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