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Finding True Freedom

To discover real freedom, you first have to come to terms with what it is that you are wanting to get free from. This is one of the biggest hurdles that I see for yoga students and human beings in general. Why? Because the answer isn’t getting free from unfair circumstances in your life caused by others – a rocky love relationship, a boss at work who’s a jerk, financial troubles, the expectations of family members, the weather, lack of time, lack of sleep…The answer is that the only thing you need to get free of, the only thing that you can get free of, is YOU.

This is a super tough place for our ego to be. But if you can be with the knowledge that at the end of the day it’s you, and only you, who create your life, and all that is in your experience. Then you can get free.

Freedom comes from acknowledging that the way you think about yourself and your life creates the actions that you take, the requests that you do or don’t make, the reactions that you have, and therein is the power to choose.

A good place to start to experience this is sitting in silence and meditating. I believe that one of the reasons that so many of us resist meditation or are confused by it or think we can’t do it is that it takes a lot to simply sit with yourself. When you do, you start to become aware of all of the nonsense and constant noise that’s in your head  – and to you, that’s your world. It’s profoundly challenging to finally hear all of the ways that you talk to yourself about yourself and everything around you and really get honest with yourself about it. Most of us would never allow another person to talk to us our about what we observe the way we let ourselves talk to ourselves.

When you begin to experience that all this chatter is not really who you are, you have the opportunity to sit in the silence and peace of who you really are. And the first glimpses of freedom are possible. If you can begin to hold this space, then you have the power to choose what you put your attention on and you can begin to live a life that is no longer controlled by the insanity inside of you.

So begin now by setting aside at least 5 minutes a day to sit and breathe in silence. Notice all the running commentary about everything until it starts to subside. The practice is to not get hooked by these runaway trains of thought. Simply don’t get on the train. And after enough time, the train station will be empty, clear and peaceful.

And you will be free.

Let me know how it goes.


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