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Are You Eating Garbage Cake?

Let’s be honest. When we first come to yoga many of us come with the expectation of creating the perfect body and the perfect life out of our practice. Many of us this time of year are re-assessing our lives, our health and bodies, and making resolutions to improve. I’m going to tell it to you straight: You will not find the perfect body or the perfect life through yoga. What I will promise you, if you come to your mat consistently, is that over time you will have a body you love and a life you love.

As you chart your goals and list your resolutions this month, I encourage you to take a step back and first look for the beliefs and ways of being deep within yourself that have created you and your life as you know it. Without first forgiving past hurts and wrongs, being grateful for what we do have and bringing awareness to our often unconscious fears, we have no chance of success in creating a life filled with success as we choose to define it.

It’s like putting a fancy icing on a garbage cake. As we continue to eat this conflicted concoction we inevitably come to feel worse about ourselves. When we set out after big goals and changes in our lives without first doing the work of clearing out self-sabatoging thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, we fall short of our expectations for ourselves and then end up beating ourselves up all the more.

This is the power of a regular asana and meditation practice. We are literally re-wiring our brains. Yoga brings not just some icing to pretty up our selves and our lives, but transforms us from the inside out.

Radiance Power Yoga offers you a structured program with group and individualized support for creating a whole new way of being in 2013. It’s called the 40 Days to Personal Revolution and it was created by Master Yoga Teacher Baron Baptiste. I will be leading this very special program starting January 10th.

Put Off Procrastination. Do Something For Your Self. Start Your Personal Revolution Now. Click here.

In addition to the 40 Days program, Radiance continues to bring you world-class workshops and programming, including our first 200 Hour Teacher Certification program. All the details are on our Workshops & Events Page. Enjoy!


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