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A Thanksgiving Rampage of Gratitude

I let these words and phrases spill out onto the page uninhibited, welling up from my heart and soul. Today, as a practice of thanks-giving, take out your own pen and paper and let the blessings flow.

I am grateful for:

The warm winter sun on my shoulders

The darkness of short days that wraps me like a blanket

The spices in my hot cider, cinnamon on my tongue

The furry warm throw that covers my toes

The tiny tart oranges that fill a blue bowl

The tingling saltiness of an engulfing hot bath

The kindness of strangers

The unconditional generosity of friends

The infinite compassion of family

The gentle heart of my husband

The peels of laugher from neighborhood children

The courageous hearts of my students

The cozy humbleness of my home

The deep knowing of searing disappointment

The living to take on another day

The co-mingling of terror and joy

The transformation of a love-torn heart

The passion of courageous victory

The sensation of tears of joy

The sound of my enriched, deepened voice

The seeing from clear and curious eyes

The calm of stillness within my heart

The beginnings of satiation in my soul

The steps of my feet on a path well worn and yet brand new

The cycles of the moon

The promise of a New Year

And the chance to live it all again!

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