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A Little Less Talk & A Lot More Action

Do you want to know the secret to manifesting your wildest dreams? My version is a recipe that looks like this: Start with believing your dream is actually possible, pour in a strong dose of faith that you will see them come to pass, not someday, but starting now and, this is the super-duper-without-it-the recipe-won’t-work ingredient: Action!

Faith without works is dead. This is one of my favorite mantras. Every time I find myself slipping into day dreaming, I say to myself, “Wow, that’s a cool idea, who can I reach out to, what resources can I gather, what next step is there for me to take Right Now?”

When you truly believe in your dreams, there’s almost no stopping you from putting your energy and focus on moving towards them. It doesn’t have to be some big dramatic move – sometimes that can come from desperation rather than calm, centered confidence.

Most amazingly successful people I know or have witnessed started with what they had, took daily action towards their deepest desires, and little by little gained the momentum they needed to eventually break through.

Lao Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” And there’s that famous country song that goes something like this “Hey baby, a little less talk and lot more action!”

Here’s a basic foundation to get you started:

  1. Be crystal clear about what you really want. Reality check yourself by asking if you have this goal simply because it makes you look good, you “should” go after it (according to “everyone” or “them”), or it is designed to have you be lovable (because you already are).
  2. When you have a clear idea of what really lights you up (generally this will be serving others in some way or sharing from your unique creative gifts for the planet), write it down, then share it with another human being, your best friend, co-worker, spouse, just someone other than a furry friend.
  3. Make a list of all the people you can call, have lunch with, write to, who would have brilliant ideas for helping you get into action. Call them, write them, meet with them, start generating energy around your dream and grounding it in actual action steps.
  4. Write down 5 measurable action steps that you will take, daily, monthly, and this year to move step-by-step toward your dream.
  5. When the going gets tough, remember, the most successful people on this planet often were successful in realizing their dreams because they believed in themselves when no one else did. If you need to, repeat steps 1-4.


Ready, set – GO!

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